Saturday, 26 April 2014

An Update? Surely not Mr Sanders?

So over 2 years later and where are we at? Well real life has got in the way, I've finished Uni, got engaged and got a career. Finding time, energy, or space to do any modelling has been difficult. I spent a large amount of the last 9 months living in B&B's and have only recently got my own digs. York MRE happened last weekend and as predicted the modelling itch is making is usual Easter time appearance. Having it pointed out to me that it was nearly 8 years ago that my layout, The BVR, was first exhibited, and that for the last 4 years my productivity has been "sporadic" at best has helped me set my mind on sorting out all the various projects and actually finishing some off, and creating a new layout for exhibition.

First though... an update on the "River Halt" board I was building. I'll let the photos do the talking, but we're mostly there, just some detailing to do now, but even this is 9 months or so with nothing happening.

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